big smile in your dream…

Big Smile in your dream….

Big Smile in your dream….

Have you ever help for fund-raising on charity, NGO, monasteries and others?

Some of my friend shared with me that they are a bit shy when they need to approach people to raise fund. They are not sure how should they approach people.

Whenever, I know that someone need help and I’ll do my very best to give help and donation to relieve their suffering.  I’ll also invite all my friends and family to give their support and donation to ease others suffering. Normally, I’ll approach people with telling them the truth of the incident, how great is our life and how blessed we are to offer our help.  Whatever we share, we must be sincere, honest, compassion and loving-kindness, people can feel our sincerity and with this we are able to warm others heart and inspired them to support the charity aid. Besides, charity heart is contagious. You are able to inspired more and more people to join your charity circle.

The more we are able to let go and help others, the more generous we are…… Some might think that the people who receive the help is the one who gain. However, in reality, the one who give is the “GAINER” in life, you gain to be able to let go, to love, to be more generous, to understand “Contentment”, to enjoy peace and calm, to live a happy life. How wonderful!

From my personal experience, initially, you might start to donate small amount, once you get use of the spirit of giving, you are automatically to offer your help once you hear, see and know about other’s suffering. You are no longer hesitate to give or not.

One of my friend share with me that the greatest WEALTH is from our heart and not whatever in our pocket. How wise!

What a great blessings in life that we’ve the opportunities to serve and help others! For the kind virtues you give in life, you are able to smile even in your sleep.

Big smile in your dream!


4 responses to “big smile in your dream…

  1. Excellent article! 🙂
    I recently (two days ago) donated to a fund to support animals in a shelter for abandoned animals. In the United States, though, I think we need more laws that are far more strict and tough on people who abuse animals. There are too many people doing things that create an endless population of abandoned and abused animals… and the animals suffer while the people face little or no consequences.

  2. That’s very nice to read! It’s so good to know there are more people like you around. I also volunteered a few times in the past, or took care of the strays around my home. Giving brings back a feeling nothing else does! Love the picture. Have a great evening!

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