conquer yourself…

Little Black turn in anger and aggressive after he lost his freedom...

Little Black turn in anger and aggressive after he lost his freedom…

Recently, we quarantine our lovely Little Black at home as he is the process of recovery from toe’s fracture due to the attack of Big Fat cat. We follow the Vet’s advice to avoid any infection which can worsen Little Black’s condition.

Little Black is use to enjoy his freedom as he love to take a walk in our garden and also our nearby neighbor’s house. Once we restrict his freedom, we can see clearly on his changes, he transformed from his tame and calm character to aggressive and fierce and a bit of crazy. What he want the most is get out from the house!

Some of my friend shared with me on their experience in meditation, they can’t sit quietly, they love to be engaged with their senses, like listening, seeing, smelling, eating, body movement and most important their mind is like a video recorder which keep play back the past and also generating a new movie in future.

To them , sitting meditation is restricting their freedom and they just want to run away. Their mind is keep generating thoughts on “what is the escape plan?”, “How regret they are in the meditation?”, “If I don’t join the meditation session, how happy I am?”….. We are kept on generating negative thoughts which make us more suffering. The more we resist the sitting meditation, the more aggressive is our mind. The situation is totally like our lovely Little Black, desperately want to enjoy his freedom and we might turn aggressive in our thoughts.

It’s really important for us to learn how to tame our restless mind to become peace and calm. To enjoy the beauty of meditation. A great moment to be with ourself and enjoy the journey of self discovery.

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”











4 responses to “conquer yourself…

  1. I love the connection you make between your cat’s situation and the restless “monkey mind” that we all encounter when we meditate. I’m glad I discovered your blog. It is very inspiring.

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