Miss Mimi was leaving her mum when she was 2 months old and adopted by Little Black.

Miss Mimi was leaving her mum when she was 2 months old and adopted by Little Black.

Have you observe how do animals take care of their new-born baby?

Say about mother cat and their kitten, the mother cat will care about their kitten until the kitten grow-up. Once the kitten able to look for food,  then, the mother cat will let the kitten to start their own life.

This is the same when you observe how the mother hen take care of their small chicken. The mother hen will take care, teach and guide the little chicken until they grow up and able to look food, then the mother hen will let the small chicken to start their new life.

Animals are willing to let go their children once they grow up and able to start a new life. However, some of us, we might be so ignorance as we must tie tightly ourselves with our children even they grow up and independence. Some might even associate children is their “asset” in life, they never want to let go their and they keep worry about the future of their children even though they grow up, they would like to carry this heavy burden until to their death-bed.

Recently, I heard a story that a loving mother, who had a son about 30 years old, stay home and do nothing, actually his son is absolutely normal, only lazy to work and depend strongly on his family to care about him. Initially, this lady was so worry about the future of her son especially when she passed away, how can his son take care of himself. This is her biggest botheration in life.

Luckily, she attended “meditation retreat” and she realized on “Live at now and don’t waste energy to keep thinking about future.” She learned to let go the concept of his son is her asset, she will just do her responsibility as a mother, to take care of his son while she is alive. She also relieved herself from worrying about his son future.

By just changing her thoughts, she is living happily now.

Drop your baggage, live happily!

Don’t act as a movie director to keep create new story in your life through illusion.

YOU deserve a happy life!




3 responses to “ignorance…

  1. Ah. Very nice insight of learning.
    Keeping the kids is not helping the kids. It only make them lazy and unprepared to face the world.

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