be honest in your life…

Do you love reading?

I love to read too. However, if we don’t apply in our life, we might forget whatever we’ve learned. The best thing is to contemplate and apply after your reading.

Most of the times, you might even learn more from nature instead of by reading books.

How important to put our priority and spend time in nature for us to understand life better. It’s crucial to be mindful and you are going to discover the beauty of nature  and the beautiful teaching just around you.

Recently, I had a walk in our lovely garden.

Do you discover any being on the brinjal plant?

Do you discover any being on the brinjal plant?

It camouflage like part of the plant.

It camouflage like part of the plant.

If you are not mindful, for sure you are going to miss this lovely being.

He look so lovely!

He look so lovely!

Some of us, we need to camouflage in our daily life in order to be accepted and acknowledged by our group or to get some benefits. In the name of “survival”, we might need to do or to say something which is totally against our will. It might not be the true of you. Imagine, if we live our life in such condition for a long time, we might totally “lost” ourselves and we might face “split” character as we are living in “illusion” and gradually lost the true of you.

Always remember be honest in your life!

To refrain from incorrect speech and action.


4 responses to “be honest in your life…

  1. Yes… sometimes nature is better for learning than books. Here is a short poem by the famous poet, Emily Dickinson:

    To see the Summer Sky
    Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie—
    True Poems flee—

    And here is another poem by Emily Dickinson: 🙂

    A Counterfeit—a Plated Person—
    I would not be—
    Whatever strata of Iniquity
    My Nature underlie—
    Truth is good Health—and Safety, and the Sky.
    How meagre, what an Exile—is a Lie,
    And Vocal—when we die—

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