I am Blessed!!!

I regain my energy by a quiet walk in garden and observing the beauty of nature! I am blessed!

I regain my energy by a quiet walk in garden and observing the beauty of nature! I am blessed!

Our family hardly sleep well after the injury of Little Black as we restrict his freedom to walk in garden at night. He was kept “meowing”, “appealing” to allow him to get out from house. Besides, he wanted to seek love and attention from us as he slept so closely together with us.

Our quality of sleep drop as a result of all this disturbance at night.

When you don’t get good sleep, your totally energy drop, your mind is not clear and sharp, your body is easily to get tired and restless, you might also experience headache, body aching and others…As a conclusion, your happiness level might decrease.

Think about it, when we have a good sleep at night, we might not consider this as blessings. Some of us, we might only associate the material gain in quantitative as happiness index in life. As a result, many of us spend all our energy and time towards obtaining the material wealth with sacrificing all other qualitative index.

Just imagine, If you lost your health, your quality of sleep, your quality time spend with your loved one, your quality time spend in nature….how “Happy” can you be? Can material gain compensate all this element in life? The answer is with you…

Some of us, we might “Lucky” enough to realize how important is the qualitative index when we fall sick or some “disaster”  happen in life. Immediately, We “awaken” and change our lifestyle…

“Count your blessings in little things of life.”  Don’t procrastination your true happiness!

Be happy in any moment of life.

Happy Sunday!


10 responses to “I am Blessed!!!

  1. Thank you once again 😃
    The Sun on Sunday Shines.
    I am leaving soon from WordPress, Our Time is Up, as we say; but your Words Brighten my day
    Not meant as a rhyme but energeticly so haha
    Thank you thank you thank you

    Not much of a poet but you have my Gratitude for All you have sent, Aware or Not
    Thank you

  2. Sometimes we don’t think about how important such little things are, but once we don’t have them, we learn to appreciate them more. A good night sleep is mandatory for a healthy mind and body, especially with the stress of everyday life.
    Wonderful writing! Thank you for bringing some positive energy into our lives 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

  3. We spent years not getting good sleep because of our cat Chris but since moving to a new place almost two years ago we are able to close the bedroom door because there is no carpet to dig up. I feel bad keeping the good cats out of the bedroom too but it is nice to sleep again.

  4. Lack of sleep makes us hardly think. Counting our blessing everytime we can. Thank you LiJiun for keep inspired me with your post

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