freedom in life…

May you enjoy freedom in life! The biggest gift in life!

May you enjoy freedom in life! The biggest gift in life!

Do you aware that you are enjoying so much freedom in life when you can walk,you can eat and body is healthy?

Whenever  you want to travel from one destination to another, you can do it. How blessed you are! However, most of us, we don’t even consider this small little things as blessings in life. As such, we might not be gratitude to live our life, hardly be contended and smile from your heart. Why not be mindful in your daily life? There are so much little things around us,  we can be grateful for…

As usual, yesterday, sis drove Little Black to Vet to cleanse his wound and the Vet shared with her that “Little Black’s toe fracture and being bitten by the big fat cat.” We need to take good care of him in order not  be infected by bacteria. As such, we need to restraint freedom of Little Black and not allow him to take a walk in garden.

Normally, Little Black enjoyed his freedom freely and suddenly he lost his freedom. He was appealing and kept “meowing” to us, so that he can take a walk outside. Of course, his request was rejected.

This incident reminded us that “Be grateful when you are enjoying freedom in life.”  and we are always being tied by our habitual, we felt suffering when we can’t follow our habit. How important to cultivate good habit instead of bad habit.

Besides, it reminded us how important to have freedom in mind, learn to let go all our past and future, live at now!

Be here!






8 responses to “freedom in life…

  1. Awesome photo! One of the best I’ve seen in awhile. Also, a rather good post. Most of the time, we focus on negative things, and are therefore unhappy. It is far better to focus on positive things, even though this can often be very challenging, especially at first.

  2. Freedom is definitely one of the things I sometimes deliberately take time to be thankful for. Most of the time, though, it was how easy it is for us to have water running on the 23rd floor, how we can enjoy some fruity sherbet in the summer, et cetera.. Anything that we usually take for granted. I too felt that it made me live more fully in the moment! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing too! Be grateful in any moment of life! We need to depend on others for whatever we are having in life. Cheers!

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