safe and well!

Little Black’s wound is not getting better, we can clearly see the pus from the wound. Initially, we are thinking to do home treatment to cure him, so that he no need to start the treatment from antibiotic. Previously, when he had fungal infection, he underwent 5 months treatment with antibiotic. As a result, he was so weak and took more than half a year to regain his health. Even though, we feed him vitamins plus one of the best cat food, he was so skinny. How much damage that antibiotic jeopardize his health!

Little Black was crying for pain and he even not putting his leg on ground. We need to seek medical aid immediately. So, we brought him to consult Veterinarian, injection with pain-killer and also antibiotic. The Vet helped him to cleanse his wound, our little boy was so behaved and he was not crying. When we apply treatment to him at home, he is crying loudly before we get even get closer to him.

According to the Vet, the wound was a bite from another cat, obviously from the big fat cat, as such, it got bacteria infection. We never think it’s caused by a bite. As such, we never bring him to consult Vet immediately. Our delay action bring so much suffering to the Little Black. Whatever, we are thinking doing good to others in our own interpretation, in reality it might not be “good” at all.

As such, don’t insist on your opinion, always open up for possibilities.

Little Black is resting at sofa...What a precious gift in life when we are in safe and well! Be grateful!

Little Black is resting at sofa…What a precious gift in life when we are in safe and well! Be grateful! Treasure all moment in life!

Little Black is so relieved at home. He is in peace and calm after receiving treatment. We are so relieved and we are in peace and calm too. When he is in pain, we felt the pain yet we can’t remove his suffering. What we can do the best is to give our best blessings!

This incident also deepen our understanding on

“Being safe and well,
is a real blessing.”

Jing-Si Aphorism by Master Cheng-Yen

Nothing is more important being safe and well!

May you be always safe and well! Cheers!






12 responses to “safe and well!

  1. Our best wishes for little Black’s swift healing and recovery. We are sorry he was bitten by the other cat in your community. I know your love and respect extends to that being as well, who may be a neighbor’s well loved pet. We sometimes have the same problem with other cats who live nearby when our Ollie goes out and meets them. Your point is well taken that we must not insist on our own opinions,which might be based on incorrect assumptions. Best to be humble and open to perceiving the truth. So glad your vet has treated the wound so it will heal. Did he mention soaking the wound in warm water with Epson salts added to draw out the infection? I don’t know whether a cat would accept such treatment, but it helps with our own infected wounds 😉 Best wishes, WG

    • Thanks for your kind wishes. We are sending him to Vet daily to cleanse his wound until dry up. This evening, the Vet mentioned to my sis that Little Black’s toe was fractured and need to take time for healing. Our best blessings to him. With metta, Li Jiun

      • Poor Little Black- he has such suffering now. It is good that your family’s loving compassion is strong. You have helped him through so much already. Our best wishes for his comfort and speedy healing, and for the happiness of everyone in your family. With metta, WG

      • Thank you for your moral support! Its a great test for us to practice metta. How blessed when we are in good health! Be gratitude! With metta, Li Jiun

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