growing plants…


I love to spend time to do gardening during weekend.  I love to touch the soil, plant new plant, trim the plant and put compost to all plants at home. It’s the quiet moment that I can spend with all lovely plants, my mind is so calm and peace.  Its the great moment to calm the restless mind.

I’ve planted many indoor plants by using all recycle material instead of buy new pots,  from the container, old water bottle, plastic coffee cup and others. This is one of way to preserve the environment.

How nice!

I grow the plant in plastic coffee cup and use the broken glass 

Our heart is expanding when we look at the green plant. It can cleanse the air in the room, good to our eyes and also bring peace and calm to the surrounding. How wonderful to do nothing and observe the growing process of plant. It’s truly miracle!

It’s alway give us a great lessons in life. Whenever we see the new leaf growing, it symbolize life is full of hopes, there is always new beginning and new chapter of life. Besides, you need to give care and love for the plant to grow, if you don’t water or give compost to your plant, it can’t grow well. It’s the same as we need to continue cultivate our kind virtues and let it grow in your life and let it be your DNA.

When you see the yellow leaves, it’s a great reminder that we are growing old, aging is a norm of life and no one can escape from death. Death can happen in any moment of life. Treasure now and live a meaningful life. Don’t wait or procrastination on good deeds.

Act now!



6 responses to “growing plants…

  1. Great picture and thoughts. It reminds me of Ikebana. The World would be a much happier and more beautiful place if everyone got their “hands dirty” in the soil. 🙂

  2. Beautiful! We call your little plant a ‘Pothos.’ What do you call it? Once I had a job working in a greenhouse, and my task was to plant up hanging baskets full of little Pothos plants. There must have been hundreds… Working with plants is a wonderful way to relax the mind and feel the beauty of life. I love your recycled pots 😉 WG

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