cat talk…


When you are mindful with your animal friends, you’ll discover they are no difference from us. Perhaps, they are in different “body” and using difference language from us, yet there is barrier to separate us when you are listening mindfully, you can fully understand what they are talking about. Think about it, as a human, we are also using different language, sometimes, you can’t understand what others are saying yet from their body language, tone, expression, you can also guess the content.

Be mindful, you can understand your animal friends better. As such, give your respect and love to them as you are giving to yourself, your family and your loved one. Don’t ever treat them inferior than us, don’t think that their survival is meant for food to us. Don’t think that we’ve ultimate right on their life.

This morning, We had a playing times with Little Black and Miss Mimi in our lovely garden. Normally, Little Black act as a big brother, he’ll play with Miss Mimi for a while, then he’ll sit relaxing to accompany and ensure the safety of Miss Mimi. When the playing times over, Little Black will “talk” to Miss Mimi in a special tone and ask her to go home with him.

Little black is walking home and he asked Miss Mimi to go home with him to ensure his safety.

Little black is walking home and he asked Miss Mimi to go home with him to ensure his safety. They are communication in special tones.

"Ok, I'll follow you home." From Miss Mimi.

“Ok, brother. I’ll follow you home.” from Miss Mimi.

It’s so touched when you see how loving is the brother and sister. They love and care of each other very much. They can “talk”, they are loving, they know how to express their feeling, they are just like us. They might be more “loving” than some of us.

Whenever I heard people are torturing and bring suffering to animal friends, my heart is bleeding and I am weeping. Please do our best to share with others, “No cruelty to animal friends, they deserve love like you and me. Love them and not hurt them.”







10 responses to “cat talk…

  1. So true….our animals are so knowing and have really big hearts. Even creatures from the wild communicate with us and teach us many things. Thank goodness for animals in this world of ours.

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