We think about other beings when we plant flowers in our garden. We want to provide food for them...

We think about other beings when we plant flowers in our garden. We want to share our food with them..May all beings be well and happy!

One of my friend shared with me that her cousin brother’s wife just gave birth in one of the clinic, however, the baby boy had lung infection after 4 hours. Unfortunately, the clinic not equipped well and they need to look for hospital to save this little baby. After admission, the baby boy can’t breath and he depend on the support equipment.

Luckily, the baby boy is showing the sign of recovery now.

According to my friend, her cousin brother selected this clinic in the name of “conveniency” as nearby their house and they might totally neglect on the risk management, “just in case anything happen….”.

Some of us, we might also make unwise decision in the name of “convenience” to us but bring “inconvenience” to others.

Think about it, some of us, when we can’t find any parking in shopping mall, we might park our car in the “disable car park” with the excuse is “Just for a while only, I need to buy something.” It might be “convenience” to you, however it bring “inconvenience” to disable people as they can’t park their car in the designated car park. As such, they might need to park their car in other places which is a further distance from the mall. Definitely, this will bring inconvenience to their life. We never consider about this before we take action.

When we go for buffet lunch or dinner, there is a special food corner customized for vegetarian food. Sometimes, the queue for non-vegetarian food is so long. In the name of “Convenience for ourselves”, some of us might take vegetarian food in order to reduce the waiting time. Think about it, our action will definitely bring inconvenience to people who take vegetarian food only. When we finished all their food, there is no other choice of food for them. We might be full yet other might be hungry.

All this incident reminded us, think about others before we take any action in life. If your action only bring convenience to yourself, please drop it. If we can continue to practice think about others, we are going to let go our “selfishness”.

How important to share our love with others!

Always see yourself in others!









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