little gifts…

Shine your happiness… and being more smiles to your surrounding! Cheers!

Shine your happiness… and bring more smiles to your surrounding like the sharing of fragrance from flowers.

One of the evening,  when I had coffee with my friend, she shared with me that her lovely son asked ” Mummy, Who are you going to meet later?”

She answered, ” Yi- Yi (aunty) in mandarin.”

Then, the little boy said, ” The little gift “Yi-Yi”, right? She always bring us small gifts. ” He can remember clearly that I brought him toys, candies, book and others. He is truly appreciated and happy.

How important to share and bring happiness to others!

I love to bring small gifts to others to warm and touch other’s heart. People are truly happy when they receive gifts. It’s not the value, it’s the kind thoughts and also caring. Normally, I’ll give whatever people wanted or loved in life.

The important values to share is to shine happiness, to cultivate generosity and the spirit of sharing and caring. Inspired others by example and not by talking and no action. Walk the talk is most crucial.

Gradually, people surrounding me also love to give small gifts to each others. How wonderful!

“It’s always Blessed to give rather to receive!” I am truly happy when I see a smiling faces, this is the biggest reward in my life.

Be the one who take initiative to shine happiness to surrounding! You are going to lose more in life, your stingy, selfish, complain, grumble, ..….

You are blessed when you can bring a smile to others…

Smile always! Be ease in life!








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