walk the path…

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” By Buddha

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” By Buddha

Our school teacher will spend time patiently to teach in order for us to understand the lesson clearly…

Who is the one need to sit for exam?

Obviously, you need to understand the subject and continuously to study and do your revision in order to get ready your exam. Nobody can replace you to sit for your exam, even your lovely teacher, he or she can’t do it at all.

We can understand clearly on this point.

Why not apply this simple theory in our spiritual practice?

Our great master, Buddha discovered the truth in universe and pointed the right path to liberate ourselves. However, we need to walk the path by ourself and no one can walk the path for us except ourself.

As such, always look inward to understand yourself, are you gradually let go your unwholesome thoughts and action? Are you gradually let go your greed, anger, ignorant, ego, doubt? Are you experience more freedom in life? Are you experience more peace and calm? Are you shining your love and compassion to surrounding?

Be honest to yourself! There is no short cut on the path, be diligent in walk the path and you will find the difference within yourself.

One of the evening, when I came home after work, I discovered that my ceramic flower-pot was broken by my lovely Little Black and Miss Mimi. I am not angry at all even though I’ve stuck in heavy traffic in heavy downpour. The first thought went in my mind was so blessed that both little beings were not injured by the pot.

Even though, it was late and I’ve yet to have my dinner, I am still patiently clean up all ceramic pieces, handle the black soil and also took irobot to vacuum the floor to avoid any injury by any left over of ceramic pieces.

When I reflect this incident, I am gratitude for my daily practice as I am fully aware on impermanence of life, transform to positive thinking and be grateful for any incident happen in life.

Always contemplate and reflect in your life, you are able to gradually let go unwholesome action and thoughts in your life.




8 responses to “walk the path…

  1. Very inspiring post. I feel a bit ashamed using a movie quote in regards to Buddhism, by it reminds me of what the character Morpheus said in the first Matrix movie, “There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.” I try to walk the path and believe it will lead me to a place of happiness though I don’t pretend to truly know the path. Great post. Cheers!

  2. I love the post and pic! I try to live by Buddhist principles as best I can, but don’t always keep the precepts perfectly. The best thing is that each day I’m given a new chance to make my life better and more compassionate! Thanks!

    • Excellence! Most important, you are mindful and you are aware…. Continue your journey of liberation.. Keep Walking, bro! With metta, Li Jiun

  3. Yes, we have to introspection, I must always pay attention to their own internal actions and thoughts, my personality is very straightforward, so often unconsciously hurt the people closest, I think why would I?
    Any impermanence can happen in life, but most of the anger, selfishness and greed are able to control their own, and I hope I can become a happier and more easy to meet people.

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