shine your kindness!

How do you talk to your children?

Are you stand up or squat down to follow their height?

Are you actually eyes to eyes when you talk to children?

Just imagine, when you are stand up and talk to your children, its like a giant is actually looking at a little being.

How do your children feel?

It’s look like you are more superior than your children.

The best way to talk to your children is squat down and follow their height, your children will feel more comfortable when you talk to them in such  position.

I apply the same when I talk to our lovely cats, Little black and Miss Mimi at home. I’ll squat down, sit down and laying at floor when I want to talk to them.  They can feel the respect and love.

Every morning, I’ll squat down and say “good morning” to our lovely Little Black, in return he’ll kiss my forehead to express his love. What a precious gift to start a new day!

Our animal friends can sense our kindness easily.

We’ve a resident frog at home. He stayed with us since young. When weather is too hot, we try to ask him to stay in garden. However, he’ll be home very soon.

How lovely is our resident frog!

How lovely is our resident frog!

Recently, we discovered that a group of birds are actually moved to the tree in front of our house as their new home.

Shine your kindness in any moment of life, all beings can sense your kindness and they feel trust, secure, peace, calm and happy when you are around.





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