the spirit of bamboo…

Do you know how is the growing process of bamboo?

How beautiful is the bamboo...Amazing nature! Photo courtesy from sis Nicole.

How beautiful is the bamboo…Amazing nature! Photo courtesy from sis Nicole.

This morning, one of my lovely friend shared with me that for the first four-year when you are growing bamboo, the growing height only 3 cm and from the fifth year onwards, the growing height is 30 cm per day and within 6 weeks, the bamboo grow up to 15m (45 feets), how amazing! Just imagine, if we don’t believe that the bamboo will grow, we might chop it off, as a result we’ve no chance to see such a beautiful bamboo forest.

It can relate back to our life, sometimes, we might put a lot of effort in whatever we are doing, the result might not turn out great. Many of us, we might stop halfway as we are so disappointed and discourage for not achieving whatever we expect. Most of the time, we are so near to be success, perhaps lack of a bit of perseverance and determination in life. Next time, before you give up on anything, do spend a bit of time to contemplate the growing process of bamboo to inspire yourself again.

Besides, when we start our spiritual path, most of us might be full of passion and we make a lot of promise and commitment to ownself that we will walk the path no matter how much challenges we are facing in life. However, we might back off or even quit once we are facing challenges in life. Sometimes, when we’ve relieved ourself from suffering, we might totally forget and let go all our determination to follow the path.

Always be persistence in whatever you are doing… the success is belong to you!

Always believe YOU CAN!!!


8 responses to “the spirit of bamboo…

  1. A beautiful post, Li Jiun. Our bamboo forest grows so prolific and tall. Each year the canes come up thicker on their march up the garden towards the house. The whole forest is really a single being- sharing roots. You’ve used the bamboo to remind us all of a very important principle of living. With metta, WG

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