100% mindfulness

This morning, I took a walk in my lovely garden… Yesterday, I got a great opportunity to meet up with my new friend, a big black bee. However, what I saw this morning was the same flower, big black bee no longer here and replaced by a group of little bees.

A group of happy bees were busily to collect nectar in the beautiful morning!

A group of happy bees were busily to collect nectar in the beautiful morning! 

This is a great example for us to understand that everything is constantly changing, nothing remain unchanged forever. We can apply the same to the people we are going to meet, treasure all precious moment of meeting as we are not sure whether this is the last chance to meet in our life. Some of us, we tend to take thing easily and we always assume that we can live longer and there is alway chance to meet again. Is it true?

Some of my friends shared with me that when they are having dinner with friends, once they settle for food ordering, some of his friends are busily to play with smart phone and none of the people start any conversation. He wondered what is the meaning of outing and get together? As such, he voiced out to his friends that “No mobile phone on dining table.” Treasure the moment of get together, always treat this as the last meeting in your life. You’ll be 100% mindfulness on your friends, on food and most important you are living at now and start to appreciate life.

Practice 100% mindfulness when you are having any meeting with your family, friends, strangers …

Happy Weekend!



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