Animal friends…

Our lovely Ms Mimi and Little Black were waiting patiently for their turn to see Dr….

Our lovely Ms Mimi and Little Black were waiting patiently for their turn to see Dr….What a loving brother and sister!

Today, I brought Little Black and Miss Mimi to visit veterinarian, Miss Mimi for 2nd vaccination and Little Black for general check up. There was a very long queue for waiting and both of our little friends were so behaved and also waited patiently for their turn.

I took the opportunity to know the owner and met with each of the animal friends who were in the queue. Most of them, they are stray cats and met up with their kind hearted human friends and adopted them as family members. How warm is my heart when I listened to such a kind deeds.

How wonderful we can help!!!

How wonderful we can help!!!

One of the family who brought 4 little stray kittens, perhaps less than a month to visit the Veterinarian for check up . The mother told me that her little daughter, about 10 years old love animals very much, she took time to take care of stray cats, to feed, to play with them.  The mother mentioned to me that “She is so touch and proud with her daughter’s kindness to the animal friends and she wanted to support her 100% to continue cultivate her loving kindness.” What a great parent!

How important to instill such kindness to our children since young! Respect and love all animal friends! Lead by example, share and show your loving kindness to your children and they are going to learn from you. Always remember you are their role model in life.

Recently, I read an article that an elderly people rescued an eagle who was injured in both legs and also a wing. The couple rescued and took care of the eagle for more than 2 months until he fully recovered. The eagle expressed his gratitude to the old couple by sharing his prey like frog or lizard and give the old couple in the middle of night as gift of gratitude. Moreover, the eagle spent his day nap in the old couple home together with their cat. How lovely!

Animal friends are just like you and me, even though they are living in difference form, using difference language, walking in difference style yet the outlook will never be the barrier of our love and compassion to them. We are the same! Treat them like the way you treat yourself.

“Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
by Alfred A. Montapert





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  1. A very fine post, Lijiun. This would be a much better world if more people cared about and for our fellow creatures as you do, and as do the other kind folks you described. How wonderful! -Gary

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