Good vs Bad thoughts

By quietly sitting and observe nature, you can definitely get a better understanding on "impermanent of life".

By sitting quietly and observe nature, you can definitely get a better understanding on “impermanent of life”.

A lot of us, we might keep saying on “Impermanent of life.” We truly understand well on everything is changing and nothing remain the same forever. However, saying and actually practicing might be totally different. It’s so easy to say, yet to contemplate and to practice is a big challenge in life.

Think about the below situation, what is your reaction:

” When your friends died young and out of sudden.”

“When you break off with your girl/ boy friend.”

“When you lost your favorite thing.”

“When you keep visiting facial, salon to keep your youthfulness forever. Can this be reality?”

“When your favorite glass broken.”

By observing your reaction, you know well how deep is your practice on “Impermanence of life”.

Thanks to the impermanence in life! Our thoughts in our mind also instantly and constantly changing, you can’t associate people as “Bad” or “Good” forever, only bad or good thoughts and all thoughts will pass.

This morning, before I left my house to work, suddenly my neighbor asked me, “I’ve never see your little kitten, why not you carry her and show me?” My answer was “I need to go to work now and my parent will bring Miss Mimi, our little kitten and introduce to you.”

Later, my father introduced Miss Mimi to my neighbor and he mentioned to us that ” He wanted to know how is Miss Mimi look like, If there is any cat fighting or anything happen, he can help out and notify us.” We are truly touched and warm with his transformation in life. Previously, he was the one who asked us not to adopt Little Black and wanted to dump him to other place. He also asked us not to feed Little White, our elder cat who has missing. If we associate him as a people who doesn’t like  animals and refuse to give protection to save their life, then our perception and judgement is wrong.

People can transform easily by changing their thoughts, nothing remain the same forever. As such, don’t ever label anyone (inclusive of yourself) vas good or bad people , only bad thought and good thought.







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