Are you on the right path?

What is in your mind when you look at the coffee maker?

What is in your mind when you look at the so many type of coffee maker?

Have you ever think why do we need to have so many types of coffee maker?

The simple answer is to serve everyone need. All of us, we’ve our own preference for coffee as such we need more choices in life to customize and satisfy to all need.

It come to same when we are talking about our own spiritual practice, some of us we love to do meditation, some of us we love to do chanting, some of us we love to be volunteer to cultivate our loving kindness and compassion, some of us we love to read  sutra, to attend classes………and others… The most important questions to check with yourself whether you are on the right path, “Are you become more peaceful and calm?”, “Are you enjoy freedom in life?”, Are you bringing happiness to yourself and people surrounding you?” ” How many times do you smiles in a day?” ” How many times are you getting angry in a day? Are your body, action and speech bringing benefit to all beings?”

Whatever you prefer, not necessary suitable for everyone. As such, Respect and support each other towards the path of enlightenment. Never apply force, fear, threaten to other’s in order for them to follow your path. You can plant a seed to others and let the seed to grow by itself when the conditions are ripen.

There is meaningless to share with people when they are not ready. We might stop and give negative impression in their pursuit in spiritual path.

Transform yourself, let’s other to see your transformation after follow the right practice in life.





8 responses to “Are you on the right path?

    • Just imagine you, yourself is like the peacefulness and stillness of lake water, there is nothing to burden you, you feel so light and free from worries, tension, anger, fear, stress, doubtful, jealousy…. You are peace, you are the fountain of joy… May you be well and happy! Cheers!

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