happy mindset…

Spread happiness and love to your surrounding like the way you want to be love and happy...

Spread happiness and love to your surrounding like the way you want to be love and happy…

Have you ever attended any of classes, talk organized by non-profit organization?

Generally, all this activities might be plan and organize by volunteers.

Even though, the program look simple yet it involve tremendous planning, co-ordination and contribution of others effort before it can be made possible.

Some of us, we might love to find fault and make negative comment when things run not per our expectation. It’s so easy and effortless to give negative comment. Why not transform it with a heart of gratitude, then whatever you see and what you are going to experience in life is good at that moment of time!

Why not take time off to be a volunteer? You’ll discover a change within yourself!

Today, I’ve attended a briefing session on the preparation of one day meditation class for a few hundred people. I am amazed that total volunteers needed are about 1 to 3 people. It’s seriously not easy to organize big event, total co-ordination must run well and also selfless contribution of each volunteers. One of the key words that our Fa Shi (Teacher) sharing with us that as a volunteer, we must relax and have fun! If we, ourselves also living under stress, we are going to spread the tense, worries and unhappiness to all participants.

How important to take care of ourselves first, to be at peace, calm, happy and free! and shine this positive energy to the surrounding.

The massive planning start from the moment that the participants step in for car park, registration, sitting, eating, drinking, toilet and any other things. Whatever we plan and we do, we must imagine if you are the participants, “How do you feel? Are you happy?”.

It’s great to associate with the mindset of bringing happiness to others for whatever we are doing in life!



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  1. Reblogged this on Seedling and commented:
    This seems poignant to me as I am moving forward with volunteering as a member of my local library’s Board of Directors – it’s wonderful but also an adjustment as I have to get used to the extra responsibility and work, as well as suddenly being the boss of the library’s employees, where I frequently attend. The library is putting on a local festival for children soon, and this post speaks right to me. Besides, Lijun, the author always has wonderful and encouraging posts, I encourage you to take the time to browse the blog. Enjoy!

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