grow slowly…

We’ve planted 2 winter melon  plant at the front of our house. One of the winter melon growth so fast and it bear 14 melons and the other melon plant is so weak, and hardly grow well even though under the same condition.

However, we never give up on it and we give our love and care, compost and watering equally the same as the big melon plant. It amazed us with its surviving spirit, after the big melon plant died off, then only we see this weak melon plant started to bear melon.

Even though, it grow slow yet it bear fruits...

Even though, it grow slow yet it bear fruits… Let’s count how many melon are on the tree?

It gave a great lesson to us, there is nothing to rush in life, even though you walk slowly, you can reach your destination. If you are too hurry, you might bring so much stress and unhappiness in your life and you can’t accomplish anything in your life journey.

Another important good point to take note in life, no need to compete with others even though others are doing better than you. Don’t be jealous or envy on others success. Why not be happy for others success? Let’s learn from them and never stress or blame yourself.  Always remember the only people you are competing is you, yourself. Are you become a better person than yesterday? Are you become happier than yesterday? Are you enjoy more peace and calm than the past?

Never give up anything in your life, do your very best to help and support…

Look at how nature surprise us…




2 responses to “grow slowly…

  1. I thank you for your kind words and inspiration. I am a non meat chicken plant eater and extremely happy after two years of this new way of life new thinking. A Soldier, a marathon runner, someone that “depends” on protein, or what was defined as what was needed for protein. Plant based proteins are the most efficient ways of fueling the body machine, but if those that are not inclined to understand then………they may have a rare opportunity to look within and see they are More. Two years plant based diet. I Am Happy.

    • Thanks for sharing! Our family is on vegetarian diet for more than 3 years. We live well too. Let’s share with more people to consume plant based diet. Cheers!

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