Passion of life…

Look at her eyes, full of curiosity and adventurous  . Be passion and start anew  in your life!

Look at her eyes, full of curiosity and adventurous . Be passion and start anew in your life!

I treasure the best moment of life to play with Miss Mimi, our lovely little kitten at home. I enjoyed her accompany, her playfulness, adventurous, curiosity, energetic, happiness, joy, fun… She is just like a little kid who is growing up, find everything around her with curiosity and she love to try to play with new things. To her, everything seem like “first time” she see in life…

How wonderful if we can learn from her, see everything anew in our life, then we can live a passionate and happy life. By observing the way she enjoyed her games, I can feel her happiness, relax, freedom and live life at ease.  Happiness from Miss Mimi really shine on us, we are young again and our faces also full of happy smiles.

Some of us, live life so dull and boring. Why not looking thing like a little kid with the eyes of curiosity and awake your passion of life?

“Without passion, Life is nothing!”

I am looking forward to play with her every evening after work. It’s the best moment to be energized again, totally forget and also let go of all tiredness of work. It’s wonderful that we can accompany her growing process, from little kitten at 700 gram and now about 1kg.

It reminded us that to spend time with your children, if you miss their growing process, you are going to miss the moment forever, it can’t be reverse! Think about it, what is more important in your life? How should you plan your time? The key of happiness is on your hand!

Choose wisely!







8 responses to “Passion of life…

  1. Yes, pets are priceless! I always play and hug our elderly Shih Tzu dog. Even though she is now blind (due to old age) she still plays a lot; I love hugging her a lot! Pets are family and they deserve nothing but lots of love and compassion!

  2. cats are wonderful beings – they talk in their own ways, give affection as they want and ask you to be careful about their cat nature lest they scratch or bite because they got startled – their love is distinct and wonderful and their curiosity unmatched – you said it – happy cat days.

  3. She is beautiful 😉 Li Jiun, it makes me very happy to see your family enjoy this very fortunate and happy little kitten you have welcomed into your home. With metta, WG

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