Start your spiritual path now…

Why not be like the beautiful flowers, bring fragrance to surrounding?

Why not be like the beautiful flowers, bring fragrance to surrounding?

Some of us, we might ask “why should we start spiritual path as we are so young?” We’ve more important mission to accomplish in life, like power, wealth, fame and other mundane stuffs. We even think that to follow spiritual path is meant for elderly people. Our excuses might be “We are young, We’ve so much time, We are so busy, can’t find any time…Our life is so good now. Why should we practice?

let’s start the path later…..

A lot of time, we put wrong priority in life, how blessed if we can start the spiritual path as early as possible. Its help us to enjoy freedom in life, peace and happiness. Most important, it’s not only benefit to you yet to people surrounding you.

” To benefit humankind is to enrich oneself.” By Master Cheng Yen.

How profound!

Recently,I found out that whatever I learned was so useful whenever my friends shared with me on the challenges they are facing in life. I am managed to share with them on my thoughts and solutions, most important to bring smiling face to them after our meeting. Normally, at the end of meeting, they’ll mention to me that “how relieved, how light they are as they’ve a chance to share out their challenges in life.” How great that the Dharma water can benefit to myself and also others!

Why not be diligent in your path no matter how young you are? Whatever you learn, experience, it can truly benefit to help others, to regain their self-confidence, hopes and faith in life and most important smiling faces.

Start the spiritual path now! Death is just in front of us, no one know when is our turn…

Treasure the precious opportunity to self-help and to serve!













2 responses to “Start your spiritual path now…

    • Be silent! Sit quietly and start to contemplate… After I follow the spiritual practice, “am I enjoy more peace, calm, happiness, relax and freedom in life?” Then, ask yourself again, “Am I bringing happiness, peace, calm and freedom to all beings?” “Am I bringing big smiles and relieve suffering to others?” You know the best answer! Cheers!

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