During Chinese New Year, one of the favorite activity is playing with firecracker, some of us enjoyed the loud noise and also beautiful visual effect. Some of us love the Chinese firecracker as you can see the floor is full of red color paper after explosive, it symbolize good fortune.

Always be mindful on our action, whether we cause happiness or suffering to other's life...

Always be mindful on our action, whether we bring happiness or suffering to other’s life…

We might be extremely happy. However, have you ever think about the reaction of our animal friends? The 1st day of Chinese New Year, a lot of people in our area were playing with firecracker happily which caused loud bang. Little Black was truly frightening and extremely fearful on the loud noise until his body also shivering and crazily looking for place to hide himself from danger. He vomited a few times that night as too fearful. Imagine how bad is the impact to animal friends on the loud bang.

It make me to contemplate when people are enjoying themselves on hunting animals. How much suffering that we bring to animal friends? Imagine if you are the “little deer”, how do you feel when people are carrying gun to shoot you dead?

Stress, tension, fearful, frightening, crying, going crazy……. Our selfish and cruel action bring all negative emotion in other’s life. Our happiness, excitement and joyful is taking other’s life, is putting other’s life in suffering…. Be silence, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is it true happiness in life?”, “What is the purpose in life?”

Respect other’s life… Animal’s life is as precious as yours!

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

What a great saying by Ellen DeGeneres…




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  1. A very good post that I agree with. I also don’t like seeing animals mounted for show on a wall. However, I am not against hunting. I myself live in a rural area where many people hunt deer. I don’t myself, however the deer population is very large and causes many accidents. Imaging cattle being able to just roam anywhere and cross highways. It is very dangerous. Hunting in the area manages the population, and for many less fortunate people deer meat is very important for feeding their family. If a person hunts for food, I don’t mind. If they hunt for a “trophy”, I do not like it. Many people eat fish, and technically that is also a form of hunting even though their minds may not grasp it like a larger animal. I also don’t like seeing fish mounted on the wall. I know that person did not eat the fish, because you cannot if you display them. Just my thoughts. I truly enjoyed your post, and the cute kitty!

  2. In reply to mojoshawn’s comments… there are other, less cruel ways to control deer populations. Food items can be placed where they gather with treatment to curtail their breeding.
    I am a vegetarian. I used to fish (when I was younger) and write about why I changed in my book. Many of my relatives (in-laws) are avid hunters. I have a brother-in-law that has a family-room that is full of many animals mounted on the wall. Yet he and his friends claim that they “love nature”! It reminds me of a Native American Indian saying; “If this is the way they pray, that is bullets through people’s hearts, I hope they will not pray for me; I should rather be excused.”
    That brother-in-law has many deer heads mounted on one section of the room together. He said that he wants each one to have a different expression on its face (as part of the group)!
    Here is a nice quote from Hubert Reeves:
    “Man is most insane species. He worships an invisible God and slaughters a visible Nature… without realizing that this Nature he slaughters is the invisible God he worships.”

  3. Reading your thoughts are very comforting and peaceful. I live in the US but your words are so true of all people. Thanks so much for helping me to think new and better thoughts.

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