First Impression…

How beautiful is the coffee art!

How beautiful is the coffee art!

You might be attracted by the coffee art first, then only you drink and know the taste of coffee.

Sometimes, if the coffee art is not so beautiful, the coffee glass is not presentable, you might even start to think negatively on the taste of coffee. You might not interested to taste it.

Think about it, the situation is similar when you first know a people. You might start your judgement based on how the people carry herself or himself, how is his or her dressing, how is his or her gesture before you get closer.

First impression is important when you are meeting up with new people. It’s not meaning that you must use luxury handbag, expensive clothes or shoes. The most important is be presentable, be polite, be professional, dress modest and neat. Give your best impression to others, give yourself and others to know each other better.

I remember one of the great example on how well that Bhikkhu Asvajit carry himself in peace and calm and attracted attention from Sariputra to follow Buddha’s teaching.

“Bhikkhu Asvajit during one such visit to town with Sariputra that prompted the lifelong association of the Buddha’s with his two chief disciples. Sariputra was greatly impressed by Bhikkhu Asvajit’s calm presence and subtle yet reassured demeanor and asked him whose teachings he followed.

The answer given by Asvajit on Buddha’s teaching:

“Everything subject to a cause is also subject to cessation.”

With this sharing, Sariputra and Moggallana left their teacher Sanjaya Belatthaputta, to join the Sangha and pursue the teachings of the Buddha.

How important for us to carry ourself well!

Let’s us leave a good impression to others and let us get a chance to know more new people in life and share our loving-kindness and compassion.

Always remember that you are not going to get second chance to make a good first impression.

Learn, practice and apply in your life!






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