Are you patience enough?

Like the fragrance of flowers, spread positivity and happiness to your surrounding!

Like the fragrance of flowers, spread positivity and happiness to your surrounding!

Are you patience enough to answer same questions from others repeatedly?

Are you still using the same tone?

Are you still answer with happy heart?

Are you annoyed?

Recently, when we went to a book fair, a grandmother was interested on some Dharma CD, she kept asking the shop assistant, “What type of music?” “Can you play the music ?”

After testing a few CD, the grandmother still asking the same questions again, We salute the attitude of shop assistant, he continuously his charming smiles and answer in happy tones even though he kept repeated the same answers.

What a great example for us to learn! I witnessed the whole process and went over to the shop assistant, I mentioned to him that “What a good attitude! How passionate you are in your job! You are enjoying what you are doing… Keep it up!

Think about it, if our parent or loved one keep asking the same questions, some of us might not able to tolerate and we might “burst out” our anger. Why can’t we be patience like the shop assistant?

In our career life, we must enjoy what we are doing, then only you can bring happiness and peace to yourself and others. If not, there is only suffering, not only to yourself but you are going to spread suffering and negativity to your surrounding.

Be passionate in what you are doing, most important enjoy it!







8 responses to “Are you patience enough?

  1. My Grandfather lived a long and happy life with a very sharp mind until close to the end. He would tell some of the same stories over and over in his last years. It bothered some people, but I enjoyed them. Now those stories are imprinted in my mind and I feel they live on within me. I wish he were here to tell them to me thousands of more times. Very nice post. I enjoyed it.

  2. So true… 🙂

    When we are being patient we are open to the world. We are humbly allowing ourselves to be a passenger and handing the ‘remote’ to somebody else.

    We have a beautiful saying in Hindi. “The fruits of patience are very sweet.”

    How true.

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