Happy Chinese New Year!

Early this morning, to usher the new year, our family went to monastery to pay respect to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, to continuously to remind ourselves be diligent on the path, be compassion, loving-kindness and peace.

This morning, my sister was asking Little Black , our lovely cat when he was in our garden whether he wanted to follow us to monastery or stay home. My sister said: ” Boy, if you want to follow us, please come in and we are leaving soon.”

We are happy to see that Little Black chosen to follow us and he came home.  He even pee on his cat litter before leaving to monastery. How amazing!

During the journey, Little black was so behaved and he sat quietly in the car. We are so blessed on having this little bodhisattva at home and continuously sharing with us on his “cat wisdom”.  It’s proven that our animal friends can understand us well even though we are using different language, there is no barrier on “Love” and “Trust”. Give our unconditional love to all beings, they are just like you and me. Thank you, Little Black for another beautiful reminder.

Wish everyone "Perfect Blessings and wisdom."

Wish everyone “Perfect Blessings and wisdom for the benefit of all beings.”  Happy Chinese New Year!







24 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Li Jiun 😉 May this year be full of blessings and achievements for you, and may you find new opportunities to share your wisdom and compassion. WIth metta, WG

  2. A beautiful story…animals can be very knowing, and have great spirits, especially if their “family” has loving-kindness….happy new year to all of you.

  3. I love your pictures, your gentle spirit, and Lil Black. We had a Whitesox cat for many years…our little buddy. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Here’s to Your Health!

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