the best Chinese New Year Gift…

We’ve received the best New Year gift from our Little Black, our lovely cat.

She is truly cute!!!

The best gift from Little Black, he shown us on his loving-kindness and compassion. As a cat, he is doing his best to help the younger kitten. He brought her home….. 

He brought home a little stray kitten at 2 am, in the morning. We are so touched for his charitable action. Even though, he has a weak body after fungal infection yet he is always ready his helping hand, small body with beautiful big heart!!!

Little Black was brought home and adopted by Little White, our elder cat who has missing since September last year. Little White was Little Black’s little teacher, he continuously his brother’s kindness and compassion.

We named our new family member as "Ms Mimi"...

We named our new family member as “Ms Mimi”…

She is only 2 months old with 700 gram body weight. Imagine, if Little Black not bring her home, she might die as too small to be independent and take good care of herself.

Thank you to our Little teacher at home for another great lesson to remind us to always get ready our helping hand, It’s so blessed to give rather than to receive.

“As you sow the seeds of abundance, so you shall reap a harvest of blessings.” by Master Cheng Yen.

Let’s practice and continuously our helping hand in year of Goat! Let’s bring happiness, joy and peace to our and others life!

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy holiday!

Many blessings to you and your family!

Smile always!



21 responses to “the best Chinese New Year Gift…

  1. What a wonderful gift for everybody! Little Black has a new sister to care of and play with, Ms Mimi has found a loving family, and you will receive unconditional love from the two kitties.
    Happy new year!

  2. What an adorable kitten! He has incredibly beautiful eyes. Thank you very much for liking my blog post. And just so you’ll know, when I was a little boy, my family also had a cat named Mimi. Small world, huh?

    • Thank you for dropby too. She is very beautiful and so cute… We are blessed to have her as a family member. We are one, always connected with each others. Cheers!

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