Learn to go slow…

Living in urban lifestyle, everything must be moved at fast speed and we assume this as efficient. You can just observe how people are taking their lunch, they love fast food and finish their lunch or dinner superb fast. Some might even do more task instead of just eating mindful. They might play with their smart phone, continuous texting, playing games, online…..Do you think they can taste the food or even chew the food properly?

Some might even love to have lunch meeting, they assume this as time-saving yet this is not a great way to treat our body. Think about it, we need proper nutrition to sustain our energy, if we can’t digest well, can you have a healthy body to continue working? Obviously, no.

What is the meaning of life if we can’t even take some time to have a proper meal?

Besides, just look at how is our walking pattern? Some of us, like running and rushing all the times.

Why not walk mindful?

Always ask yourself why are you always in hurry?

Most of the times, you can’t perform well when you are in rush or hurry, your emotional might not be stable, you can’t be productive.

Go slow and you can reach your destiny faster!

When the water flow slowly, you can see the beautiful reflection. Imagine, if you throw a stone in the water, you can't see it anymore.

When the water flow slowly, you can see the beautiful reflection. Imagine, if you throw a stone in the water, you can’t see it anymore.

Be mindful, be at ease, be free, be peace……you can enjoy life more and also more productive in whatever you are doing!

Learn to go slow…




10 responses to “Learn to go slow…

  1. Let me just jot this down quickly! LOL! You’re absolutely correctamundo! Then people come home to eat and watch someone being chopped to pieces while they choke on a ham sandwich…

    I love the picture too! Well, not physically… I also enjoyed the symbolism you applied to it. Beautifully thought out out blog! Just reading it alone has a calming affect in and of itself.

    And now for my seventh scotch before breakfast. Boy! Am I ever calm! I jest… It’s only my sixth scotch…

  2. Yep, reason for this fast forwarded world is competition. We are taking everything and everyone as competitor. Let’s learn to go slowly, see around the way you are going. Since you might have missed many things on your fast drive.
    Nice message as always..!

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