Pure heart like a child…

We are excited as first time we saw Black swan.. truly beautiful!

We are excited as first time we saw Black swan with a distance.. truly beautiful!

During our trip to Chiangrai, we got surprises as we saw a group of white swan and a black swan. They were happily swimming in the pond.

Swimming freely! Nice!

Swimming freely! Nice!

While we were looking at how beautiful were the swans, a cute little girl run towards us happily and joyfully, she shouted: ” Beautiful swans.” Her parent were chasing her at the back. How excited is children when they look at animal friends. I still remembered that the little girl was smiling happily.

It make us to rethink about the children’s diet. Some of the children, they don’t even know that the meat they consume are actually from animals.

Think about it! Who is the one who feed them with meat diet?

Of course, their parent.

I heard some of the cases that when children know that the meat they consume are from the animals they loved, like chicken, fish, duck, cow, pig and others. Immediately they shared with their parent, they are going to take meat free meal.

They are so sad when they know that animals need to sacrifice their life in order to give meat to us.  They love animals truly! They treat animals like their dear friends!

Why not try to think like a child?

You can get sufficient nutrition to survive well even though you are vegetarian.

Just adjust slightly on your diet, you can contribute so much to our lovely planet as you are actually helping to reducing carbon dioxide which causing global warming, the sea level is getting higher and many beautiful island is going to vanish soon.

“Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind.”

by Albert Einstein



11 responses to “Pure heart like a child…

  1. Excellent words and thoughts!
    I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973. Just recently, one of our fellow bloggers – (Mitza) on wordpress – told me that in Greece (where she lives) many people mistreat animals and pets; in Greece people, she said, believe that animals don’t have a soul… because they can’t talk. My wife and I have pet parrots; they are very intelligent and talk with a large vocabulary. One of them even asks questions on its own that we never taught her. For instance, when we put on coats or jackets, she asks, “Are you going to go bye-bye now?” … or “Can I go too?” We never taught her those questions and we had her when she was a little baby fledgling! Scientists are finding out that animals are much smarter than previously thought. I’m glad that I retained my youthful love for animals and am a vegetarian! 🙂

    • Hi Thomas, reading your comment about your pet make me feel wow. You really didn’t taught her and she can asked that. It really awesome.

      I’m Ryan from Indonesia, btw. Nice too meet you.

    • Excellence! Bro. I shared with some of my friends on your lovely parrot. They are amazed! Let’s work together to cultivate vegetarian diet. To transform people mindset on wrong preception towards vegetarian. Unconditional love can help to overcome our desire on meat eating! Cheers!

  2. Thanks about comments on the parrots. Lijiun, it’s great that you and your family are vegetarians. Though my wife is now too a vegetarian, a lot of the relatives on her side of the family are avid hunters. Just this Christmas, at a family party, one of the in-laws was showing us photos of geese and ducks that they killed. Needless to say, I was not impressed! Most geese and many ducks are also highly intelligent; most of them mate for life and have close family units. Shooting them merely for a little bit of breast meat is insane as far as I’m concerned!
    (Tonight, I was a bit late with cleaning their cages, and kept the lights on a bit longer. Tweetie Pie kept saying “Do you want to go to bed now?… Do you want to go to bed now?” )

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