give hope…

Let's your kindness and compassion like the sun who can warm other's heart. Let your action bring happiness and hopes to others.

Let’s your kindness and compassion like the sun, continuously to give warm to other’s heart. Let your action bring happiness and hope to others.

Today, My friend shared a touching true story with us,

” A young boy aged 13 years old brought a group of young children to church. They are not well dressed and the youngest only 3 years old wearing a singlet in an air cond room and he kept crying as too cold. The kind-hearted church members bought them out for lunch and the elder sister took a drumstick and vegetables.

They thought the drumstick is meant for her consumption. Their guessing was wrong, the elder sister was taking the drumstick for her youngest 3 years old brother. She gave the best thing to her lovely 3 years old little brother. It was so warm and touching.

All children are so independent, they finished their meal in 10 minutes.

Later, they found out that only their mother is working and earn about USD$ 300 to support the family with 5 children (One elder runaway) and grandfather. Their father left them behind with debts. The normal meal for the family only rice and vegetable and cooked by the elderly grandpa as their mother is working late.

However, they are living happily and close bonding between siblings even in such challenging environment.

You might wonder how the 13 years old teenager knew them?

Apparently, the 13 years old teenager is working in an internet cafe and the elder sister always hang around in the cafe and looking for opportunity to steal some food for her younger brother. The teenager caught her and he knew the truth, then he brought all children to the church. What a kind deed! The teenager is practicing loving-kindness and compassion. He is like a little Bodhisattva.”

After hearing this touching story, without think twice we extend our helping hand by buying food stuffs, stationary, clothes to the 4 little brothers and sisters. We hope our little help can temporary ease their suffering and bring happiness to their life. We want them to believe that they are surrounding by people who is full of unconditional love, giving great care and best blessings to them. We want them to have “hope” and to see the beauty of the world.

We are not pity them, when you are pity on somebody, it mean that you are better or more superior than them. Always remember that we are equal. We must give our respect to people and always be grateful to people who are willing to accept our help. You are going to gain more as you are learning to give, to love and to respect.

We wish them to have a good childhood and grow up to be  better person who can contribute to society and bring happiness to surrounding.








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