Start your little garden…

In the morning, I enjoyed very much to have a quiet time and stillness in garden during off day.

Everything is so fresh and also alive!

I love to take time to look at all plants in our lovely garden and I’ll talk to them too… I treat all plants in garden like my lovely friends. Even though, they can’t answer back, I know they can sense the positive vibes.

When you are happy, you might notice that you even start to hum the happy tunes. Surrounding with lovely plants and other little beings in garden, I am truly happy and I’ll start to hum happy tunes. What a wonderful moment!

I can hang around in the garden for long time without realize time passed.

Why not spend some time, do nothing in your garden by just looking at your lovely plants?

It’s truly awesome!

Last month, We’ve build a little home for Hairy melon, look out for their growing process…

Its growing strong… We love GREEN!

Its growing strong… We love GREEN!

The 1st melon….Nice!

The 1st melon….Nice!

The 2nd melon…

The 2nd melon…from another plant…

It’s not only benefit to us, yet the plant bring benefits to our insect friends…

The happy black ant...

The happy black ant…

the hardworking bees...

the hardworking bees…

Start your little garden, build the small ecology, it can benefit you, your neighbor, your community and also our animal and insect friends!

It’s really great if you can spend time to look at the growing process. It was truly calming!

Happy Saturday!

Smile always! Cheers!


27 responses to “Start your little garden…

  1. The melon looks so fresh.
    I am not good at gardening. But my mom is. She make the garden in front of our home so green. I already schedule a post about it for tomorrow morning. Feel free to visit my blog and read it. It’s in English.

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