We’ve got feelings…

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Are you fully charged?

Are you wanted to sleep a little while?

Are you feel blessed that you are still alive and another great day to live?

Little Black:  "I've feeling like you, I love you all."

Little Black:
“I’ve feeling like you, I love you all.”

Every morning, Little Black will wait at the door of my room or sometimes, he might run to my room once he heard the alarm rang and waited for me to come out from the room to use his loving way to say “Good Morning”.

I’ll give my 100% presence to greet him too. Normally, I’ll touch my forehead to his little forehead and later, Little Black will kiss my forehead. This is his “cat” way to express his loving kindness to us.  What a warm and touching moment to start a brand new day!

Before Little White went missing, he is sometimes doing grooming for his little brother, Little Black or sometimes, Little black will do grooming for his loving brother. It’s so warm to remember such a beautiful moment.

After Little White went missing, whenever we lay down. Little Black will come forward and start to lick our hair, exactly the same as what he did for his Loving brother, Little White. This is how the little being expressed his great love to us, his family members.

We are blessed to have him with us.

Some of us, we tend to treat animals like “things”, we might also treat them like “Items” which we can buy through money, we might kill and eat them like there are products without feeling…

In actual fact, they are just like you and me, they’ve feeling, they are sharing their great love to us, there is no differentiation about “LOVE”.

Today, I’ve attended the talk from Dr. Jane Goodall, she is truly inspired and I salute for her great work in awaken us to give our love to our animal friends, environment, mother of earth and do something which can bring benefit to yourself and also our next generation.

I kept weeping once I watch a short video, an orphan baby Chimpanzee almost dying and being rescued as her mother being killed by hunter. She was placed in the protection home and got good care. She grown up beautifully.

Before they released her back to nature, It’s the first time that Dr Jane met up with the chimpanzee, she talked and gave her loving kindness to the lovely chimp throughout the journey back to forest.

Once they opened the cage and Chimpanzee was truly happy as she was back to nature and the most touching moment, the Chimpanzee gave Dr. Jane a big hug……

Always remember, our animal friends just like us, they’ve feeling….

Give your unconditional love to them! They’ll give their great love to you too….









9 responses to “We’ve got feelings…

  1. Superb article… very well done! 🙂
    Before I retired as a teacher for the multiply handicapped, I used to breed parrots. We — at this time — kept a couple (born in captivity) and I treat them like kings. I exercise them daily and they have their own TV. One has a large vocabulary and even asks questions that it developed on its own… not something that it learned directly from us. When we put our coats or jackets on… one will ask: “Are you going to go bye-bye now?” or… “Can I go too?” Very intelligent! This is one reason that I’m a vegetarian!

    • Hi! Thanks for sharing, it’s so touching! Animals are just like you and me… Let’s share with more people to give unconditional love to our animal friends. Cheers!

  2. Thank you again for reminding me of the joy of presence in the space of love. I am so grateful for the lesson of letting go, for the lesson of grace, for the lesson of resilence and strength and most importantly for the lesson of listening to that inner voice. Perro, our beautiful Shitzu showed me through an episode of the consequences of his enlargening heart that – it was me that needed to take action; me that needed to use my voice; me that could bounce back; me that could heal if I let love in my life. Thank you beautiful Perro – I am grateful for the transformation that will come from your lessons taught.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Yes, our animal companions indeed have feelings. Moreover, they know and can sense your feelings as well. They always give you unconditional love…

  4. Beautiful post. My little dog is my dpecial soul companion. We share a huge bond of love. I thank God for her loving companionship as we share our days together:). Have a wonderful weekend!

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