little realization…

Have you ever experience when you are eating and you are only focus on eating?

When you are drinking, you are only focus on drinking? Only you and your drink, you are totally not aware on what is going on in your surrounding.

I went to visit the black house in ChiangRai. It was an artistic and beautiful building structure, the key color is black.

The beautiful structure..

The beautiful structure..

We took a walk to the compound and enjoy the serenity and peacefulness. It was surrounded by green… Nice!



After the visit, we went to the cafe and we ordered Ice cappuccino for take away. It was great to reward ourselves after a quiet walk.

I am truly mindful and enjoyed the Ice cappuccino. In that moment of life, I am only drinking with mindfulness, no other thoughts in my mind and I don’t even notice what is going on surrounding.

When I realized what happened, I noticed a van almost hit me when the driver reverse the van, only less than half a feet. I am blessed that I am safe.

What I learned from this incident, life & death happen in a moment of time only. We must treasure our life, not to waste and also live life to fullness. Another realization is we can be so mindful until we forget where are we, what is the time, what is happening….Truly peaceful, calm and serenity!

It was awesome experience in life!!!



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