Are you a grumbler?

Can you differentiate which one is good or bad bean? It's look the same???

Can you differentiate which one is good or bad bean? It’s look the same???

During my recent trip to visit the coffee plantation, We’ve given an opportunity to hand sorted the pre-roasted beans. It was an important process to sort out the good quality of bean.

I am not aware that there are so many types of bad beans, e.g. infected by insect, machine cut, uneven shape and color, odd size, black color……and others. According to the Professor, we need to sort out the bad beans because when the beans go for the roasting process, it might get burn or unevenly roasted. This is definitely affected the quality and taste of coffee. There is no chance to serve a world-class specialty coffee.

Good beans vs bad beans!

Good beans vs bad beans!

I enjoyed sorting the beans with mindfulness and complete silence, you can accomplish the task easily yet happily. Imagine, if you keep grumbling and behave restlessly, there is no way you can accomplish your task and also you might make so many errors as you are not mindful at all.

What a great profound teaching! You can apply mindfulness anytime in life! You can observe clearly how much difference you make your life and other’s life!

I remembered a profound story on the elderly grandma chanting wrongly on “Om Mani Padme Hum” to “Om Mani Padme Nu” for more than 30 years with full faith and also mindfulness. She practice her mindfulness by putting a soya bean to another bowl once she finished chanted one time of mantra. After 30 years, once she chanted the “Om Mani Padme Nu”, the soya bean can jump by itself to another bowl.

One day, a monk passed by her house and the monk shared with her that she pronounced wrongly on the mantra, he corrected her. The grandma realized she done wrongly for the past 30 years, since then the soya bean no longer jump by itself to another bowl. The old grandmas lose faith and also mindfulness. Her mind was so disturbed by the correction.

The monk noticed on the changes, immediately he shared with the grandma, “your chanting is correct. I just wanted to test on your faith. Continue your pronunciation on “Om Mani Padme Nu.” The grandma was extremely happy as her effort was not wasted, and the soya bean continued jumped to another bowl once she started her chanting.

Most important, it’s your faith and be mindful in anything you are doing in life!

Not to become a grumbler!!!




4 responses to “Are you a grumbler?

  1. A wonderful teaching, Li Jiun. And you raise an interesting point about mantras. I’ve noticed that the pronunciation changes sometimes with people from different languages or cultures, and yet the mindfulness and intent still charges the mantra. I listen to a CD of Kuan Yin mantras whenever I’m driving, and it took me a while to “hear” the mantras because the words/syllables are set to music and sung, which effects the timing and pronunciation. It is beautiful and calming while driving, and brings great peace. When I was first given the Lotus Sutra mantra, I didn’t even know its language of origin, and it can be chanted or sung in several different ways. Yet it concentrates the mind and allows one to touch with ‘the Buddha within.’ It is truly the intent and mindfulness, not the pronunciation which charges the mantra 😉 Thank you for another beautiful post with wonderful photos. I am drinking my coffee while reading about your time at the coffee plantation 😉 With metta, Elizabeth

  2. Beautiful post Li Jiun. As always. Love your post and waiting for next one.

    Last year, I had a chance to go to Kalimantan. To an Palm Plantation. They showed me how to sort a good seed and a bad one. They did it like it is an easy task to do. But when I did it… Whoaaa. Not as easy as they seem.

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