Are you the richest person?

Have you ever seen that children are playing with smart phones for games or watching movie in restaurant?

In order to please their children and keep them quiet, this is the best way or short cut that parent are taking. Is it the best way for the development of children?

Too young age to get in touch with all electronic gadget is going to affect children’s brain development and also eyes sight. Besides, if children are exposed to violent online games, they might killing and looking at bloody scene in their illusion world, they don’t feel anything wrong. Gradually, they might not able to differentiate the real and illusion world. They might behave violently in real world! How sad!

Why not give a chance to our lovely children to enjoy a memorable and happy  childhood with nature with big smiles?

This is the beautiful moment which touch and warm my heart…

How great is the brotherhood!

What a loving brothers!

The elder brother offer us the sour plum and the little one follow the same… How generous is both brothers!

The elder brother offered us the sour plum and the little one follow the same… How generous are they! Awesome!!!


Beautiful children with simple games… Great to see their happy smiling faces! So precious and so pure!

Beautiful children with simple games… Great to see their happy smiling faces! So precious and so pure!

This touching moment reminded me on one story that I read before….”Who is the richest person?

“A rich Chinese man sent his son to the rural area and wanted him to experience poverty. His son lived with a family in the rural area for three days, and when he returned home, he had the following conversation with his father.

The father asked, “so how was it?”

The son said “I think it’s alright.”

“What’s the difference between our home and their home?” the father asked.

“Wow! There are a lot of differences!” with excitement, the son continued,

“We have a dog at home, but they have four.

We have purified water in our swimming pool but they have a really big pond with fresh and clear water, there’s even fish in there!

There’re light bulbs in our garden while the moon and the stars shine brightly on their fields at night.

Our garden is limited by the walls, but theirs is limitless. Their garden is like extending to the edge of the sky.

We listen to the CDs back home, yet they listen to the tweets of birds and other natural sounds.

Our house is surrounded by walls, but they always welcome friends so their door is always opened.

In the city, cell phones and computers connect us; there, people are connected closely with the nature and their families.”

The father was very surprised by what the son said. “Dad, thank you for letting me know how poor we actually are.” The son said.

Let’s contemplate about it… “Are you the richest person?”




12 responses to “Are you the richest person?

  1. Wise words! Touching photos!
    My wife and I were at a funeral wake lately. All the children from all of our many relatives were in a large group — not moving, with their heads bent down — playing hand-held video games and texting. They were oblivious to their surroundings (and each other)…. sad!

  2. What beautiful children 😉 I agree with you about ruining children with the hand helds and cell phones. Sadly, my own daughter is so in love with her technology that she is already teaching her baby to watch the screen. You are right- it changes the structure of the brain and changes how we interact with one another. Best wishes 😉 WG

      • Dear Li Jiun, My daughter believes she is wiser than me… she sees things differently. I held the little one and fed bread to seagulls on the beach. It was great fun, and she loved seeing the birds up close. Electronics are addictive- I have no room to complain about anyone else when I spend time at the computer each day- but i also know it is harmful to a developing brain and personality to become addicted too young. I know you will be a wonderful parent should you choose that path one day. Your child will have a blessed birth. Best wishes, WG

      • Sis, Let’s share with your daughter when she is ready to listen. Be moderate in doing anything in life! I treat all children like my own children. No duality! With metta, Li Jiun

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