What have you done?

How do you feel when you look at chili plant?

How do you feel when you look at chili plant?

The chili plant is being eaten badly by insects or other living beings. We suspect, most probably attacked by snails.

It looked awesome previously, growing pretty well with flowers blossom, just within a night it turned out to the current status.

How do you feel?

There are so many thoughts in our mind.

Are you sad?

Are you give up?

Are you angry with snails?

Are you blaming yourself for not taking good care to the plant?

Are you keep thinking about the past? How’s the plant look like?

Should I let go the plant and start to sow new seeds?

Are you thinking a solution to help the plant to survive?

All the outcome of the plant are all depend on your action.

It can apply best when we are facing challenges in life, how do you look at things? In positive or negative mindset?

Even though, same incident happened, yet the result will be so much difference for an optimistic and pessimistic. Why not change your angle and perception on  look at things? Why not assume whatever happen in life is the best opportunity for you to learn and become a better person? Why not take a positive perspective which bring happiness to you and others?

The choice is on your hand, you can always change your destiny! Have faith and full confidence with yourself!

The damaged chili plant started to grow back a fresh new leaves! How amazing!

The damaged chili plant started to grow back with fresh new leaves! How amazing!

I took an approach which never give up the chili plant, I moved it to another corner of my house, feed it with compost and continuously watering it, most important to give extra care and also talk to the plant not to give up. Few days ago, I can see the new leaves from the plant. How amazing!

You are responsible for your thoughts and action, you must be ready for the consequences. Don’t blame others, environment, luck if the result is not as per your expectation.

Always look inward, what have you done?

You are the painter in your life!



9 responses to “What have you done?

  1. I do move little critters out of harms way when I’m outside, like snails crossing a path (I live in a condominium complex and they get stepped on) and I take spiders outdoors from my home…but fleas are another story. I hate to admit it but, I do flush them down the toilet after I comb them out of my pets fur. I do feel bad about that, but I don’t know what else to do. Otherwise I am aware of my actions and how I impact other sentient beings. I am vegan so I hope that helps.

    • Of course, as a vegan, you are contributing to the environment by reducing carbon dioxide. Great that you are mindful on your action to help all little beings. Cheers!

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