The variety of life…

When you are dine-out, how do you order your food? Is it only contain 1 type of food or more variety?

Say you are ordering vegetarian burger, it consists of wholemeal bun, organic vegetables, organic tomatoes, Portobello mushroom, cheese, sauce and others. If the waiter or waitress only served you, a wholemeal bun, are you going to accept it as vegetarian burger?

Another example, for Asian, rice is our main source of food, normally we will take rice together with variety of side dishes, to provide our body complete nutrition and also give appetite to eat. Imagine, if you are only served with rice without dishes, how do you feel?

When we go for buffet lunch or dinner, you are going to select your favorite food and enjoy it happily. Can you force others to love your favorite food and force them to eat?

When you go for salon, your stylist might ask you “What type of haircut you want?” When you go to shopping, you can see a variety of fashion with so many choices of color, you can choose whatever you want…

Just look around your house, you notice that your home renovation is difference from your neighbor, your selection is based on your preference. Can anybody force you to take whatever you dislike? Are you happy if you are being force to follow?

We can understand well on all this simple examples that we love a variety of choices in life, instead of only monotone. We also can accept easily whatever you love or like, might not be the same with others. We can experience how unhappy when we are being force to accept something we don’t like.

However, why are we force others to believe in whatever we believe? Moreover, sometimes, our believe might not be the truth!

Why are we forcing others to follow our spiritual path?

Why not accept a multi religious world and pay respect to each others?

Why not build a peaceful and harmony world together?

Why not bring more laughter and smiles to surrounding instead of crying and mourning?

The nature shown us clearly on how to live harmony with so many variety of plants, trees, flowers, little grass….to make a beautiful world.

Accept the difference of everyone, and don't FORCE others to follow what you believe…What a beautiful nature with a variety of plants!!!

Accept the difference of everyone, and don’t FORCE others to follow what you believe…What a beautiful nature with a variety of plants!!! What a beautiful world with so many  different types of people!!!










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