Stand up!!!

The plant bend down yet no injuries on trunk...

The plant bend down yet no injuries on trunk…

A few days ago, a heavy downpour and strong wind make one of our lovely plant bend down.

My lovely father put his hard work to build a solid structure to support the plant and He did his best to help it to “Stand-up”. We don’t want the plant die gradually! To us, all this lovely plants are just like our little friends. Imagine, how many living beings are dependent to the plants to get their food and shelter. To help the plant to survive, actually we are saving other living beings. Besides, we are helping ourselves too as we love green and also fresh air. We can enjoy the calm effect from green.

Look at the plant, it stand up again. How beautiful!

Look at the plant, it stand up again. How beautiful!

This incident reminded us always ready to offer our helping hand to others once they fall down or facing challenges or in suffering in life.

Some of us, instead of offer help to others, they might back step or do nothing and some even put salt in the wound. Why not offer our helping hand instead of hurting them?

Our help can be simple. perhaps just give your “Mindful” listening to people who are suffering, say good words and give motivational support to encourage people to overcome any challenges in life. Our little help might change or even transform other’s life.

Always live in positive mindset, smiles wherever you are and get ready your helping hand anytime in life.

How beautiful to see a smiling face from people who are in suffering!!!

How great to see people to stand up again from failure!!!

Let’s be the one who help others to stand up again in their life!

We can do it!




4 responses to “Stand up!!!

  1. Plants are unable to speak, but show their gratitude by growing and flowering after a devotion of care.

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