no barrier to LOVE…

Our handsome boy at home...

Our handsome boy at home…We love you so much…

Do you treat your pet as your family members?

What is the difference between your pet and other animals?

Are you treating all animals like the way you treat your pets?

My lovely mum shared with us that she loved Little Black like a little boy, she  never treat him like a cat. Thanks mum for showing us on no differentiation or discrimination on living beings.

Not to mention that my lovely father is treating Little Black like his own son. I am so proud of my lovely parent on their unconditional love, kindness, compassion towards all living beings.

What a kindfull action for all of us to learn!

My recent experience is when we are doing fund-raising to build animal shelter home, a lot of people are giving remarks like “I prefer to help human beings instead of animals.”, “Why should we give help to animals first? Most important is human beings.”

Think about it, we always think that we are higher beings, we are more intelligent than our animal friends, we are definitely more civilize than our animal friends…. Some might even think that we can harm or kill animals as we are smarter than them, some even think that the existence of animals are meant to be our food….

Is it the truth?

As a higher beings,  why can’t we give our loving kindness and compassion to the lower beings? Why are we bringing suffering to their life?

Our animal friends are just “alive” like you and me… They want to live a happy and secure life just like us, They fear of death and suffering, They want LOVE and they are more than willing to give their love to you.

Why not protect, help and love them unconditionally?

Give them a home, a shelter, most important your unconditional love to them. They can sense it even though we are using difference languages. There is no language needed and there is no barrier on love.

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man. ”
by Charles Darwin












10 responses to “no barrier to LOVE…

  1. I always give to animals first. Animals do what is needed to survive and no more. Unfortunately some people believe they are superior and intentionally hurt other people and animals, which makes me love animals more. Sad fact but true 😦

  2. Inside and outside is the same, so caring for a little animal encourages the individual to care for self.

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