We are one!!!

Look at the little bamboo and also Chili, both of the plant growing together, there look like ONE.

Look at the little bamboo and also Chili plant, both of the plants growing together, there look like ONE. How harmony!!!

I love to do gardening, I planted many little plants at home and  also in the garden.

It’s great to look at the growing process of each plant, we can learn a lot of  from them. Just look at this two lovely plant, they blend together, look like one. Even though, there are different species yet there can live in harmony, it look like bamboo tree bear chili… So nice!

Plant can live well with each other. How about us, human beings?

Have you ever think why can’t we live in harmony and peace?

Who is creating the differentiation? Of course, you YOURSELF!

If you can live harmony with yourself, you can also live harmony with others.

“He who live harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”

By Marcus Aurelius.

Don’t ever segregate or discriminate people because of skin color, races, religion, gender, country and others element. We are one, we are living and walking in this beautiful earth, we are inhaling same air, we are having the same color of blood, we need food and water to survive…Our nature is full of love and compassion.

Give your unconditional love and compassion to all beings without any discrimination.

What is more than live in peace and harmony?

Start from yourself, you can inspire your surrounding!





12 responses to “We are one!!!

  1. Marcus Aurelius you quote was the last of five Roman Emperors of the golden age of Rome who came to the throne through merit rather than birth, a philosopher emperor who knew what he was talking about ruling over so many races, languages and religions.

  2. A beautiful message to begin our day, here, Li Jiun. Thank you. Your chili looks very happy growing with the support of the bamboo! It is always fascinating to find plants which grow well together, like this. The indigenous Americans planted beans near their corn so the vines grew up the stalks for support. They planted squash around the edges of each “hill” of corn to shade the roots of all of the plants, and to conserve water. A beautiful and bountiful arrangement! Best wishes to you, with metta, WG

  3. I am blessed to live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. I see different people everyday. And I love it!!

    We are all brothers and sisters!! Let’s be loving and respectful of eachother!!

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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