Happy Cleaning!!!

Let's continue to purify your mind...

Let’s continue to purify your mind…Like the lotus flower grow in mud, yet blossoms above the muddy water surface. Photo courtesy from Sis Li Yi

Do you realize how much things you have at home?

Do you realize how much stuffs you are buying as you think you need them to improve or speed up your chores at home?

As a result,  how much useless stuffs you have at home?

How much stuffs you assume you are going to use one day yet you never remember you are having them at home?

We are buying so much in the name of “we need it” yet in actual fact “we want it”.

Today, We were doing some cleaning at home, we discovered that some of the food already expired yet we still keep in our fridge and cabinet.

Sometimes, when we are doing shopping, we thought we need to have such a sauce so that we can cook some special dish. However, it might happen perhaps once, then we might totally forget the existence of the sauce.

Sometimes, when we are buying some food stuffs, we might be attracted by its ingredients and also the product description. So, we bought it. However, once we take a try, we don’t like it at all… We might keep in a container and thinking perhaps one day, We might finish it. In reality, it might not happen.

What’ll happen next… Food wastage!!!

It reminded us be mindful when you go for shopping, buy whatever you need and not what you want. Always check out your fridge and cabinet, to know how much stuffs you are keeping before you go for next shopping. Do your best to avoid any wastage as our action will deplete the natural resources. Whatever we consume, all are from mother of earth.

From this incident, it reminded us that we need to purify ourselves from time to time, don’t carry a lot of emotional baggage which is going to bring negative vibes to our mind.

Do your house cleaning, your physical  cleaning and most important your mind cleaning.

Happy cleaning!!!








16 responses to “Happy Cleaning!!!

  1. With spring approaching here in the West of the world, it is a good time to do a “spring clean”. You have reminded me to do this, thanks.

  2. My goal for 2015 is to become minimal. I have too many possessions that I don’t need and can’t find those I love easily. So I’m simplifying my life and losing the baggage!

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