Am I look like a spitfire dragon?

Do you easily to get angry?

How you react when you are in anger?

Are you start to shout louder and louder? Are you losing your mind and reasoning?

Are you just wanted to release your dissatisfaction to others?

Have you ever imagine when you are shouting and screaming like mad people, you are actually look like a spitfire dragon (Charizard)?

Do you think when you are shouting louder to others actually you are winning?

In the true fact, you are losing…

You are losing your patience, your love, your compassion, your understanding, your manners, your peace, your wisdom and your mind too.

Just take a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror when you are angry. How horrible you look like? If you yourself also can’t accept, how about people surrounding?

There is no way to inspire people when you are in anger.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” By Buddha

Look at nature, trees can stand strong even though under heavy thunder storm.. You can get through your emotional turmoil too.

Look at nature, trees can stand strong even though under heavy thunder storm.. You can get through your emotional turmoil too.

Have you ever observe when there is thunderstorm and heavy wind? How’s the movement of tree and plant?

The strongest part of a tree is on the trunk. It’s protected the tree from fall down even though under a heavy rain or wind.

When you are in emotional turmoil, focus on your navel and your breathing. Gradually, you are more relax and peace….

Your emotional turmoil just like the heavy storm, focus on your navel just like the tree trunk which can help you to overcome the storm without releasing it to others like spit fire dragon.

Please do not open your mouth when you are in anger as your can’t think properly. You might say something to hurt people invisibly yet leave behind a deep wound. Furthermore, whatever you say will not make the situation better but the worst. Besides, you are going to spread your negative energy to your surrounding.

You do nothing good to yourself, others even the environment.

Don’t give excuse that anger is my nature, “I am just short-temper.”

You can always make a change in your life.

Everything is impermanence.

Think twice before you spitfire like Charizard….

Happy Saturday!







3 responses to “Am I look like a spitfire dragon?

  1. Yes, when we lose our compassion, our inner fear can come out as anger. It is like losing control of any other body function. With a simple and calm breath, we can return to our peace.
    Thank you for the reminders.

  2. In martial arts they practice being centered in mind as well as body, being angry means the opponent gains a major advantage.

    In conflict situations by staying calm I usually can navigate out of a bad situation well. The ability to breath in a regular pattern gets instant results in calming the mind.

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