Have a blessed year ahead!

Have a Blessed Year ahead! Many Blessings to all beings!

Have a blessed year ahead! Many Blessings to all beings! Photo courtesy from sis Chew.

Happy New Year 2015!!! A New year, A new beginning in life…

How do you celebrate your New Year?

Yesterday, we went for Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony, to repent all wrong doings in year 2014, to forgive, to let go, to learn and to move on with good vows which can benefit to ourselves and also others.

Think about it, how much burden, worries, stress, tension, fear, anger, wrongdoings that we are carrying with us….Some of us, we might keep reminding and keep punish ourselves for the wrong doings which was in the past. Why are we wasting our energy to do such a thing? No matter how many times you are live remorse and regret, you can’t change the past. Why not? Forgive yourself and others, Make new vows in life that you are not going to repeat the same wrong doings… Start from this moment of life, whatever you are doing, you are going to benefit to yourself and others! What a beautiful thought!

I remembered a profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm that “How many times we should forgive others?” Ajahn replied, ” Always once more time.” Please include yourself in the forgiveness.

This morning, to welcome the year of 2015, we went to do chanting in the monastery, we want to share our best blessings to all beings, may all beings be well, peace and happy! Always remember to include yourself in all beings.

When you are in peace, you are going to share your peacefulness to surrounding.

When you are happy, you are going to shine your happiness to surrounding.

Start from yourself, transform your mind and bring peace and happiness to your surrounding.

To kick off the year of 2015, contemplate about the Buddhist saying as below:

“If you want to know your past – look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future – look into your present actions.”

Be mindful in your body, speech and action!!!

Sow the good seeds to yourself and also others! Your future is in your hand!

Have a good year ahead!

Many blessings!!!







31 responses to “Have a blessed year ahead!

      • Yes, may all beings be well and happy in this new year 😉 Li Jiun, what is happening with the flooding? Has the water come back down yet? I know it is the rainy season, and I hope you and your family are on high ground. WG

      • Thank you for your great concern… The flood situation is slightly better and we can see the beauty nature of people in supporting and helping the flood victims. Our family is not affected, our heart and best blessings is always with those who are badly affected. Let’s give our best blessings to all flood victims!!! with metta, Li Jiun

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