Have a Blessed New Year!

Always look at things with positive mindset, you are going to change your world and others too….

Always look at things with positive mindset, you are going to change your world and others too….

Sometimes, even though the same incident happened in life, for those positive thinking people, they will elaborate it in positive manner and treat as a lesson to enhance their life. Most important, they can still laughing and share happiness to surrounding even they are facing challenges in life.

For those who are always stuck themselves in negative thinking, whatever they see, they’ll associate with negativity, they are always live in unhappiness and spread their negativity to surrounding… However, they forget who are the one who causing them to live in unhappiness?

Obviously, you Yourself.

No matter how much challenges you are facing in life, remember to transform mind with your attitude and your perspective towards life.

Change your attitude, you are going to change your world!!!

Imagine, if you are seeing your palm with 1 cm distance from your eyes, you only can see your palm and not the surrounding… However, once you move your palm to a distance of 1 feet, you can see clearly your palm and surrounding.

Always look at the macro view and think bright and positive.

You are going to be  a happier people and also shine your happiness to surrounding.

Let’s welcome year of 2015 with a positive mindset, look at things in macro view, always bring happiness and peace to yourself and others!

Have a Blessed New Year!!!



25 responses to “Have a Blessed New Year!

  1. An excellent message to begin the New Year LiJiun! We wish you and your family every happiness in the New Year. Thank you for faithfully posting inspiring messages and beautiful photos to your blog each day. With Metta, WG

    • Hi, Thank you for your positive encouragement and kind thoughts as usual. Let’s do our best to share more positive seeds to surrounding. With metta, Li Jiun

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