What a meaningful day!!!

Flowers sharing fragrance with surrounding equally! Share your love unconditionally!!!

Flowers sharing fragrance with surrounding equally! Share your love unconditionally!!!

The flood situation in our country getting worst, more people need to move out from their house and stay in the shelter home. Besides, some of the road being flooded and not possible to access. Moreover, there is no electricity supply. There are running out of food supply. Just imagine, if you are one of the flood victim, how do you feel?

Today, I went for a Dharma Class and I was seated under the air-cond. I felt the extreme cold and I can relate this challenges as what the flood victims are experienced.

Always put yourself in other’s shoes.

Most of the non-profit organization are appealing for donation of food and necessity items. In order to offer immediate relieve for others,  this morning, Sis & I went to purchase grocery items with some donation from friends . We met up a lot of beautiful people during this critical time.

We bought 2 trolley of food, it was raining while we wanted to upload all items to our car. Two Malay ladies next to us, asked: “Are you operate mini market as you’ve so many items in your trolley?”

I just mentioned that “We wanted to donate all this items to the flood victims.”

Without any hesitation, This 2 lovely ladies, immediately helping us to move all items to our car.

What a beautiful action!

Even though, we are different races yet there is no difference in giving loving-kindness and help to each other. There is no barrier in sharing love and happiness!

Besides, we are so touched to see how many volunteers are in the non-profit organizations to help to receive, to arrange and co-ordinate for the delivery of items to ease suffering of others.

We need to travel 2 round to the hyper market to shop for the necessity donation items as we can’t buy all at the same time and also limited space in my car. This round, we met one elderly Indian couple, they are asking us, ” Are you buying something for the flood victims?”, I said:” Yes, how about you?” The elderly couple said: “Yup, we are doing our best to help.” What a generous and kind thought!!!

Always get ready your helping hand! How grateful we are that we can serve others and bring happiness to others. I always remember one of the profound teaching, “Don’t procrastination  on your help to others. The more time you take, the more suffering others need to endure. Why not relieve other’s suffering immediately?”

In such a challenging moment, let’s team up our effort to relieve other’s suffering and share our love to all beings!

Always remember you can make a difference in helping others and you can inspired your surrounding by leading example.

Many blessings to all!!!





8 responses to “What a meaningful day!!!

  1. Kindness is unconditional. I am sure many city folks are helping out to bring some relief to the flood victims

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