little home…


Today, I spent my best moment of time in our garden to work with my father to build a new home for our 2 little hairy melon plant.  My father was in-charge of building the structure and I was doing the netting. We worked in silence with mindfulness.

How nice! All hand-made!!!

How nice! All hand-made!!!

When you are in silence, mindful on your task, it’s the best moment as you are totally at here and now. You are only doing one task at one time and you are fully aware if there is any thoughts arisen and cease. You are able to accomplish your task faster with less error when you are mindful.

What a peaceful and serenity moment in life!

Nothing is more important than enjoying the peacefulness in life and live at present moment!

We are truly happy that we can accomplish our task and give build new home for our plant.

We are truly happy that we can accomplish our task and give build new home for our plant.

It’s not only benefit to us as later we might reap the fruits and also we provide shelter and food to other beings like bees, dragonfly, ants, butterfly …. besides, not forgetting the plant provide fresh oxygen to us. Moreover, its beautify the surrounding with Green, so alive!!! and Green color is good to our eye sights!!! and it bring happy faces to our neighbors when they look at our little garden…

A small action, but it bring benefit to ourself and also others!!!

How beautiful!

Always think about others whenever you make any decision. May your action bring happiness and peace to yourself and others!!!



4 responses to “little home…

  1. That’s wonderful advice. I’ve tried several times to listen to music when I’m out in the garden, weeding or planting, but I always prefer the silence. It allows me the opportunity to really connect with what I’m during and there is nothing like hearing the sounds of nature around me.

  2. They are growing so well! Your garden is beautiful this season! May it grow in peace and feed you all abundantly! I love the netting design you wove onto your dad’s bamboo support. It looks very strong, and is also beautiful 😉 With metta, WG

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