Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Today is the winter solstice or Dongzhi in mandarin is the time that family get together.

We are making Tang Yuan, balls of glutinous ball as a symbolize of reunion in family. This morning, our family get together to make the cute little balls. We use natural ingredients with juice from organic home-grown pandan leaves. We enjoyed the best moment to make the glutinous ball… What is more important than reunion of family members? How great we can celebrate life together! What a precious moment!

Balls of love….

Balls of love….

Today, I watched a movie that I heard a profound saying from the actor before he passed away, he mentioned that “How great if people treasure home instead of gold, how peaceful and harmony the world can be.” Don’t let your greed to drown you!

Some of us, in the name of “love” and “I do it for my family…”, we are busy to earn money and sacrifice time to be with our lovely family members. Whenever they need us, we are not here for them. What is true meaning of life besides wealth?

I remember one of the touching story that a superb busy father asked his little boy, “What he wanted for his birthday?”, the little boy answered, “I want your TIME to play with me.” We can’t satisfied people with only material wealth, your presence is most important.

Don’t give any excuses, be there with your family and loved one in this warm seasons.

Your presence is really important and mean a lot for your family members.

Happy Family Reunion!!!


4 responses to “Happy Winter Solstice!!!

  1. Dear Lijiun,

    Thank you for your profound message on tang yuen. It is very meaningful. Ya we should spend more quality times with our love ones. That is truly reunion. As a Chinese we must always remember this culture. Respect the elderly and do more charities to the needies. Young or old and love all beings.

    Wishing You & Your Family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


    Albert Cheer

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