Smile for no reason….

Some of us, we love to postpone our happiness in future. We only can be happy when we accomplish or achieve something in life. We tie up our happiness with subject and object.

Some of my friends, they worked really hard to earn money to buy luxury items, once they own the luxury bag, they might be “happy” just for that moment. Perhaps they might smile just for a few second. Then, immediately, they set target to buy another luxury items…They are being pulled by their strong desires to have something. Imagine, you are working hard to save money for 1 month before you achieve your dream bag, along the process, no smile and happiness in your life. Is it worth it? Is this life?

Besides, some of us, we can’t smile at all as we put high expectation in life towards people and things. We assume our loved one must treat us in such a way, if they are not doing what we expect, we are angry and unhappy. Think about it, who is causing suffering in your life?

Obviously, you YOURSELF!!!

When you are unhappy, sit down quietly and contemplate, Why am I unhappy? Who is causing unhappiness in my life? Who is the one who bring unhappiness in my life?

Always remember that the happiest people don’t necessary to have the best things in life, they make the best of what they have. You YOURSELF is the master of your happiness, don’t depend on external factor. You are the fountain of joy!!!

Be happy in any moment of life, be mindful and appreciate the beauty in your surrounding. You are going to discover the wonder of life! The miracle is just next to you!!!

I am smiling when I look at such a beautiful little being...

I am smiling when I look at such a beautiful little being. Look at his eyes, full of life…

You can be happy in any moment of life… You are the master of your life! Smile always!

You can be happy in any moment of life… You are the master of your life! Smile always!

“The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness.” By The Buddha

Be happy and shine your happiness to your surrounding!!!

May you smile always and the people surrounding you also smile always!!!


6 responses to “Smile for no reason….

  1. This is an excellent article. It’s true some people can wait an entire lifetime to find happiness – when the power to be happy is inside them the whole time… Sorry, that might sound a little bit like The Wizard of Oz too lol!

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