shed your past…

Sometimes, people might share with you on their past with full emotional, in anger, frustration and hatred. The way they are sharing is like the incident happening now or a few minutes ago. However, in reality the incident might happen more than 10 years ago yet they can remember so well with full of negative energy.

How much burden are we carrying?Why are we carrying so much self-created suffering? Is it necessary or worth it?

Besides, some of us,we love to keep punish ourself for the mistake we made in the past and kept refresh it in quilt and regret. Why should we blame ourselves again and again for the same mistake? It’s meaningless to live in remorse, no matter how much time you spend in regret, obviously, you can’t to rewrite your past. Why not learn from it, never repeat and let go!!!

This morning, I saw a grasshopper exoskeleton…

Grasshopper Exoskeleton

Grasshopper Exoskeleton!!! It like a piece of beautiful act, a perfect replica!!!

Think about it! Grasshopper shed their old skins for them to grow stronger and bigger. Just relate it to our life! How profound is the teaching!

Why not we learn from our past, use the past experience as nutrient to transform us to be a better people instead trap ourselves in the past?

Look at this cute little being… he look great after shed his skin..

Look at this cute little being… he look great after shed his old skin… A new beginning in life!!!

Always live at now...

The nature is our best teacher.. Let go your past and live at now. Have a healthier life!

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

By Buddha




11 responses to “shed your past…

  1. I love how artistic shed skeleton photo is. I love how innocent and curious his eyes look now that hame has a “new body”. Great pics. Thank you.
    and happy holidays!
    O and om

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