What a wonderful journey!



How do you feel when you look at all the photos?

How relaxing!

How spacious!


How broad your view can be…How peace your mind can be….How happy you can be…

What a beautiful world!

What a great scenery we can see along the journey! How blessed we can live in this beautiful planet! Let's share our great love to preserve her beauty!

What a great scenery we can see along the journey! How blessed we can live in this beautiful planet! Let’s share our great love to preserve her beauty! Photo courtesy from sis Chew

Sis  Chew was the one who captured all this amazing photos during our longest and highest train ride, Qinghai-Tibet Train (Lhasa Express). We’ve spent 24 hours in the ride and witness the beauty of the planet. Amazing and speechless journey! The  scenery is just like a beautiful painting.

It deepen my understanding on the Buddha teaching,

” I see this Earth as a beautiful place; the scenery is lovely. The early morning is beautiful. The afternoon and the evening are beautiful. I see these wonders and it makes me so happy. I don’t need to have any possessions or wealth.  I don’t need anything. All I need is the opportunity to sit still and to be ale to walk on this beautiful planet.”

How profound!

Let’s do our best to preserve this beautiful planet and let’s share this important message to our surrounding!











8 responses to “What a wonderful journey!

  1. Thank you for your wonderful images both in photos and in words.
    I understand that in the early days of airplanes, one inventor had a strong mission inspiring him. He believed that as soon as people could fly in airplanes, there would be no more war. He had seen how beautiful the world is, and he felt convinced that nobody would get into fights against a country once they saw the beauty from above.
    Sadly, he was not correct. In fact, once some saw other countries, it increased their desire to conquer other people and take control of their beautiful places for their own.
    Your words help to remind us to simply enjoy the beauty.

    • So true… We need to continue our effort to cultivate the watering of the seed of kindness and compassion, lets the wholesome seeds growing… Lets do it together! With metta

  2. Lovely photos 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    The tranquility of nature brings out the best in us…even though we see a different kind of beauty here in London, there is something wondrous about the way our world naturally expresses itself.

    “We reside only in the mind of God.” by Barclay. If that is true then there is much beauty in God’s mind which is wanting and waiting to be experienced.

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